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Below you will find the most common questions asked. If there is something that you cannot find below, please mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Knepp?

Knepp is the photo club at THS – the student union at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. We are a group of students and employees at KTH that share a common interest in photography, both digital and film. We have a beautiful photo lab with darkroom in the Q building at KTH Campus. We organize photo related activities and we are a point of encounter for those interested in photography at KTH. Knepp is a nonprofit association.

What are your activities?

More information can be found in activities. Subscribe already now to our newsletter to get the latest updates.

Who can join?

Knepp is open for all members of THS and all employees at THS and KTH. There might be possibilities for others to join but at least 50% of our members must be active students from KTH.

I have no prior knowledge in photography or i am a beginner. May i join?

Absolutely. Knepp also wishes to encourage new photographers and help out when starting. We have an introductory course to our darkroom where you will learn basic darkroom work, like film development and printing. Also you will meet a lot of friends that share your interest.

How can i join?

Read more about it in membership.

How much is the member fee?

The membership fee is 100 SEK for one year from the day you decide to join. The fee is 350 SEK for one year if you want access to the lab (darkroom & digital lab). If you are at KTH for a shorter period of time, contact our cashier kassor@knepp.se.

How should i pay my membership?

If you have a swedish bank account, preferably use PlusGiro 12 96 73-0. Remember to write who the payment is from and for what. Alternatively you can also pay via PayPal, but we prefer PlusGiro since PayPal takes some extra fees. The last option is to pay by cash. In any case contact our cashier kassor@knepp.se who will update your membership status and enable access to the lab if requested.

Who pays for what?

It depends on the type of activity. Photowalks are free for all. Our club activities are generally free for our members or partially. We offer for example the guided tours at Fotografiska for our members but the entrance to the museum is at your charge. By becoming a member you also support us.

For our lab members, Knepp provides the chemicals for b/w film and paper development, ink for printer, with no limitation (as long as it is for personal and reasonable use)! Photographic papers are available at cost price.

Where is the lab?

In the Q-building at KTH Campus. Please visit our map of the lab.

When can i use it?

Almost whenever you want. Book an empty slot in our lab schedule online.

What equipment do you have in the lab?

In the darkroom we have two enlargers, one for black and white and one with a color head, and a dryer cabinet for films and prints. Also we have the standard equipment like trays, daylight tanks, thermometers, etc. And chemicals obviously!

In the digital lab we have the following equipment:

  • Mac Pro with Eizo-screen
  • Film Scanner for 120/medium format: Canon CanoScan 9000F
  • Film Scanner for 135 (24×36) format: Nikon Coolscan V ED
  • A3 printer: Epson Stylus Photo R2400
  • Color calibration probe: Spyder 3 Elite

Wow, a color enlarger! Can you develop color film and slides as well?

Not yet but this might come soon… keep in touch! For now, only black and white film may be developed.

I have experience with darkroom. Do i still need to attend the introduction course?

Yes, you have to. Every darkroom has it’s own routines and type of chemicals. Since we are quite a number of people sharing the darkroom it is very important that we follow the same routines.

The introductory course is usually just a few hours in a afternoon or evening. Sometimes we hold special courses for people with prior darkroom experience and sometimes for people having no experience so that we have the same level of knowledge in the group.


Knepp was before 2002 a club belonging to the Elektro Chapter. Though the charges for hiring the darkroom were paid by the Dean’s Office (kansliet), it was open to students in Electrical Engineering (Elektro) and Computer Science (Data), and later even for Physics (Fysik).

When the duties of the Dean’s Office changed, the process initiated to make the club part of the Student Union. From 2002 the club is open to all students at THS and employees working at KTH or THS.

The ancient archives of Elektro tell that Knepp was founded in autumn 1974! At that time the darkroom was located in the D-building. Do you have more information about Knepp’s history? Write us and we will be happy to share!


For any general information about the club, memberships, activities, write to info@knepp.se.


The members of the board and the official documents can be found at our Board page.

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Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår
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100 44 Stockholm


12 96 73-0

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