New board 2020


We have the great pleasure to announce a new board has been elected!

  • Welcome to Hugo Javenius as new chairman of Knepp!
  • Welcome to Teodor Wojcik as the new cashier!
  • Robin Mattas, the former chairman since 2014 (!), stays in the board. Thank you Robin for carrying the torch for so many years!
  • Virgile Högman, the former cashier since 2011 (!), takes the role of lab manager
  • Behnam Eliasi is our new event manager
  • Welcome to Hampus Nordensom in our board
  • Thank you to Tobias Bolin as our former event manager

Many great changes are on the way!
New events are upcoming and the website which has been sleeping ultimately is going to change radically in favor of more dedicated sections.

Long live KNEPP!

You can see the whole staff on our board page.

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