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E-6 dia at Team Framkallning!

Great news ! Team Framkallning can now develop E-6 process for diapositive in their lab at Mariatatorget.
That’s really a fantastic news for us film lovers as it’s become very expensive and even very hard to find a lab that can handle E-6. The price is 125:- per roll including VAT/moms (100:- without). Yes, it’s still expensive but at least it can be done locally.

Their processor has a long story, in fact it comes from Diabolaget which was the last lab in Stockholm handling dia. At the beginning of the year Diabolaget decided to close all their film activities and sold all machines. This one was bought by Crimson who, in the past, were sending the dia rolls to be processed in Jönköping. Though they bought the processor, they had no real plan to relaunch the activity. Finally it ended up in Veikko‘s hands, there couldn’t be a better place for it !

We had some plans to process E-6 as well in our Knepp lab but it is quite complicated without a processor. And those are a bit tricky to manage. We might do some experiments in the future but for now Team Framkallning is the best alternative for high quality processing. Also keep in mind they offer a student discount of -25% on conventional development, including C-41 but excluding E-6 dia. So we warmly recommend it for any color development. For our members, also say you are from Knepp !

And for all regarding black and white, Knepp is the best place ! 😉

Kårens Dag vinnare

So the little contest at the Student Union Day is over and the winner is NorthernLynx, congrats!

#knepp_kth_2017 "Ett ankigt äventyr" ??

He wins the Nikon film camera and a Tri-X roll. We hope to see his new contributions developed in our lab soon 😉

Here you can find all the photos sent to the contest (or search for #knepp_kth_2017 on IG).

Thank you to all the participants, it was fun and we should do this kind of contests more often!


Recently when I had the opportunity to search through one of the archives of Electro, I found out that Knepp was founded sometime during the autumn of 1974!

Mellanformat till studentpriser

Ett föredrag om mellanformat. Föredraget kommer att hållas 17.30 onsdagen den 30 novemberi sal 543 Lindstedstvägen 30 (Sing-sing). Anmäl dig och få en gratis smörgås.

Mellanformat är ett billigt sätt att få kanonbilder. Kom och lyssna på hur du kan ta steget till bättre bilder för mindre pengar.