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Knepp’s darkroom and digital lab

E-6 dia at Team Framkallning!

Great news ! Team Framkallning can now develop E-6 process for diapositive in their lab at Mariatatorget.
That’s really a fantastic news for us film lovers as it’s become very expensive and even very hard to find a lab that can handle E-6. The price is 125:- per roll including VAT/moms (100:- without). Yes, it’s still expensive but at least it can be done locally.

Their processor has a long story, in fact it comes from Diabolaget which was the last lab in Stockholm handling dia. At the beginning of the year Diabolaget decided to close all their film activities and sold all machines. This one was bought by Crimson who, in the past, were sending the dia rolls to be processed in Jönköping. Though they bought the processor, they had no real plan to relaunch the activity. Finally it ended up in Veikko‘s hands, there couldn’t be a better place for it !

We had some plans to process E-6 as well in our Knepp lab but it is quite complicated without a processor. And those are a bit tricky to manage. We might do some experiments in the future but for now Team Framkallning is the best alternative for high quality processing. Also keep in mind they offer a student discount of -25% on conventional development, including C-41 but excluding E-6 dia. So we warmly recommend it for any color development. For our members, also say you are from Knepp !

And for all regarding black and white, Knepp is the best place ! 😉

D76 refill

The container for D76 developer has been refilled. As a reminder – unlike the fixer – this should only be used once. Please dilute it with water in 1:1 proportion (e.g. 150ml D76 + 150ml water for 1 roll) and follow the 1:1 timings for development. 3.8L is in the container so this should last for 25 rolls (135).

Fixer refill and good usage


New fixer has just been prepared. We take the occasion to remind you the FIXER SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AWAY. The amount of available fixer should not lower as it currently does. The fixer can be easily reused for 50 rolls. Note how many rolls you have used on the whiteboard, count +1 for small format, +2 for medium format.

We also want to remind our members that Knepp doesn’t have any personal to clean the room. PLEASE KEEP THE LAB CLEAN! There is a vacuum cleaner and tools to clean the floor. It is the responsibility of every member to leave the lab in a pleasant state. Thank you!

Website rebirth

Many news! After big works the website has been notably refreshed.. a new life!

Main changes:

  • Lab booking: members can now book the photo lab online! Read more here.
  • Mobile-friendly CSS design, try it from phone and tablets!
  • Free account: anyone can now register without passing by the memberships.
  • Registered users can post comments in the news and participate to forums.
  • Forums are opened to all: try them!
  • Memberships: removed “Interested in Knepp” level. It is replaced with the free account. In addition you can activate your membership.
  • Language: to make it easier for foreign students the main language is now English. Some sections also exist in Swedish.
  • About section refreshed – read our FAQ
  • Gallery: work in progress, more to come very soon!

More details:

  • Registration, login, profiles embedded in Knepp’s theme.
  • Secured registration with Captcha. A bit annoying but prevents (a bit) from fakes and spamming bots.
  • Newsletter: subscription at registration or directly with email
  • News section updated with categories
  • Board section refreshed

Comments are welcome!

Online lab booking!

Big news! The booking system for our photo lab and darkroom is now online!

We are now more people using the lab. Excellent! To avoid time-collisions with other members please book a time-slot before going to the lab. Book from our new PhotoLab page or from the side bar.

For this you need a Membership with Lab access. If you didn’t activate it yet, no worry. Register now for a free account and contact who will update it.


Adobe CS5.5!

För alla betalande medlemmar med access till vår lokal i Q-huset kan jag meddela att vi i veckan har installerat Adobe Lightroom 3 och Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium på vår Mac Pro. Yay! Tack Adobe för sponsring!


This might interest all paying members with access to our room in the Q-building, we did install Adobe Lightroom 3 and Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium on our Mac Pro earlier this week. Yay! Thank you Adobe for sponsoring!

Mörkrummet åter i bruk!

Efter en renovering av Knepps mörkrum i sommar så är mörkrummet åter brukbart! Hurra! Ännu står det lite väl mycket kartonger där inne, och vi har ännu inte möblerat det nymålade digitala labbet ännu. Men det går att använda, så nu är det bara att framkalla och kopiera på som vanligt! 🙂

Kolla in vår Facebook-sida för bilder från lokalrenoveringen! Löpande info kommer komma med färdigställandet av det nya digitallabbet!


It’s now possible to work in our darkroom again! Yey! :)”

Mörkrummet under renovering

Från och med idag är Knepps mörkrum i Q-huset under renovering. Tanken är ett en vägg ska rivas och att rummet samtidigt ska piffas till. Rummet väldigt stökigt som det ser ut nu och går inte att använda för tillfället. Mer info kommer angående när rummet går att använda igen!


Knepp’s darkroom in the Q-building is now under renovation. The plan is to remove one of the walls and in the same time do some renovation. The room very messy right now and can not be used for the moment. More info will come when the room can be used again!