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Knepp on Slack

At our annual meeting we decided to use Slack as a new way to communicate and interact with all our members.If you are a lab member you should already have received an invitation. If not the case and for all the other members feel free to join us here.

For those who don’t know Slack, it’s a platform becoming very popular now and it has a lot of cool features with groups (channels), archives, an excellent app on mobile and you can use it from desktop as well. With this we almost don’t need mail or SMS anymore. Don’t be afraid with the app, it’s very easy to use and you can turn off all the notifications if you feel disturbed, but it would be great if you subscribe so we can get in touch easily ūüôā

The main channel (called #general) is meant to be opened for any member. Feel free to write anything about any topic there. I also created a channel #labb for all questions related to the darkroom (chemicals) or digital room (printer, ink, scanner, …).

Website rebirth

Many news! After big works the website has been notably refreshed.. a new life!

Main changes:

  • Lab booking: members can now book the photo lab online! Read more here.
  • Mobile-friendly¬†CSS design, try it from¬†phone and tablets!
  • Free account: anyone¬†can now register without passing by the memberships.
  • Registered users can¬†post comments in the news and participate to forums.
  • Forums are¬†opened to all: try¬†them!
  • Memberships: removed “Interested in Knepp”¬†level. It¬†is replaced with the¬†free account. In addition you can activate your¬†membership.
  • Language: to make it easier for foreign students the main language is now English. Some¬†sections also exist in Swedish.
  • About section refreshed – read our FAQ
  • Gallery: work in progress, more¬†to come very soon!

More details:

  • Registration, login, profiles embedded in¬†Knepp’s theme.
  • Secured registration with Captcha. A bit annoying but prevents (a bit) from fakes and spamming bots.
  • Newsletter: subscription at registration or directly with email
  • News section updated with categories
  • Board section refreshed

Comments are welcome!

Online lab booking!

Big news! The booking system for our photo lab and darkroom is now online!

We are now more people using the lab. Excellent! To avoid time-collisions with other members please book a time-slot before going to the lab. Book from our new PhotoLab page or from the side bar.

For this you need a Membership with Lab access. If you didn’t activate it yet, no worry. Register now for a free account and contact¬†who will update it.