2014 Kamera Roulette

Our first Kamera Roulette contest, 2014.

The idea is simple, we passed our film camera around participants so that everyone could take two photos of choice. No theme, no requirements – Just all out enjoyment. The camera passed along was an analogue Nikon F3 SLR with a 50mm 1.8 len and loaded with Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO film.

Pictures were developed at our photo lab and processed minimally so that the participants can see the raw results. The first pictures up to #07 are lost (burned) and we don’t know what happened… The camera could hardly be opened by mistake as there was an extra safety. Anyway it starts at picture #08. This is film! But there are many beautiful ones! 🙂

Our winner picture is #33 and the photographer… are two! Congrats to PĂŒren and Ewi! The funniest – they didn’t know they were shooting in double exposure!! 😀 😀

Shot with Nikon F3, Ilford HP5+ 400, developed by Axel and processed by Virgile

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