Photo Lab

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We love film and digital!

We have a beautiful photo lab in the Q-building, at KTH Campus. As an active member with lab access you can use our darkroom and digital lab. In the darkroom you can develop film and prints. In the digital lab you can scan your films and work on your digital workflow on a pro-level screen. To access the lab you have to activate your membership. Then you will have to take an introductory course to learn how it goes with the lab. After that you can enjoy it as much as you want!

Curious about film photography but not sure about this? Check our FAQ or contact us at

Where is the lab?

The lab is located in the Q-building, floor 2 (below the entrance floor), at KTH Campus – main entrance at Valhallavägen, subway Tekniska Högskolan.

The easiest is to go for Restaurang Q and enter by the door at Osquldas väg 6. The main entrance of Q is at floor 3. Go down the stairs to floor 2.

If you come from Körsbärsvägen/Stickelbärsvägen and cross the bridge over the railroad (Roslagsbanan) you can enter from the background of the Q-building. Here the address is Drottning Kristinas väg 53B. The entrance on this side is at floor 1 and the spiral stairs are the left one on the map below. Go up to floor 2 and walk along the computer rooms.

Q-huset plan 2

There is a big camera upon our door, you can’t miss it! The lab is marked with the logo on the map.

No more chemicals left or something went bad. Who should i contact?

Contact ASAP our lab manager who will help you!