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Become a member in Knepp! Participate to our club activities.
The membership is FREE for THS members. THS is the Student Union at KTH. Please provide your THS membership number to our cashier Knepp kassör.

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Only for paying members – please read this before checkout


If you have a swedish bank account, preferably use PlusGiro 12 96 73-0. Remember to write who the payment is from and for what.
In that case, ignore the checkout form with PayPal. Instead you can already register for free.
Once your payment with PlusGiro is done, write to our cashier who will update your membership status and enable access to the lab if requested.

Alternatively you can proceed with your checkout via PayPal if you prefer. But we prefer PlusGiro as PayPal takes some extra fees (that we don’t charge you).

The last option is to pay by cash. You can already register for free and contact our cashier.

If problem or any question write to