Gästföreläsning den 9 november!

Den 9 november kl 17:30 i Q17 kommer professor Kjell Carlsson att hålla en gästföreläsning om bildkvalitet för Knepp!

Technical aspects of image quality
Photographers are often concerned about the technical quality of their images. It is therefore a good idea to use methods to quantify various aspects of image quality. The images should be as sharp as possible so you can see small details as clearly as possible. This can be quantified as a resolution number or an MTF curve. To interpret these data the user must be familiar with these concepts, and understand the advantages and disadvantages with these techniques. I will also tell about how measurements can be carried out practically, and pitfalls that can ruin the data. In addition to image detail, we also want the images to have a high signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range. This will also be discussed during the lecture.

Alla är välkomna, så bjud era vänner! Det vore roligt om vi blir många som kommer!

Anmäl er gärna under boka kurs eller genom att skicka ett mail så att vi vet ungefär hur många vi blir.


The 9th of November at 17:30 in Q17 professor Kjell Carlsson will have a lecture in technical aspects of image quality for Knepp!

Everyone is welcome, so tell your friends! The more, the merrier!

Please let us know if you will attend by sending a mail or under “boka kurs”, so we know how many we will be!

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