Fotografins grunder den 25 januari

Nu är det dags att komma igång med årets fotoaktiviteter! Den 25 januari kl 17:30 i Q21 kommer Max Zomborszki hålla kursen “Photography basics/Fotografins grunder”. Där kommer vi att gå igenom grunderna inom fotografi (läs mer längre ned). Bland annat hur kameran fungerar, så ta gärna med din egen! Kursen kostar inget, men maila gärna om du vill komma så vi vet hur många vi blir!

Den 31 januari har vi planerat att ha en photo walk, troligen på söder. Mer info kommer, men skriv upp datumet redan nu!


On the 25th of January at 17:30 in Q21 (the Q-building) Max Zomborszki will held a course in photography basics. Bring your camera! The course is free, but please send a email if you want to attend so we know how many we will be.

We plan to have a photo walk as well, the 31th of January is the date. Proably on Södermalm. More info will come!

“Photography basics/Fotografins grunder” will give you an introduction to the basic workings of the camera and an introduction to photography. You will learn how to best get control over your camera, when to use the automatic features of a modern camera and when and how to override them.

This foundation is the base upon which the upcoming lectures (“Image composition/bildkomposition” and “Photographic lighting/ljus och ljussättning”) relies on.

The lectures will be held in english, with the possibility to ask questions in swedish, unless there is an all-swedish speaking audience.

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