Membership Levels

Are you interested in photography? Do you want to learn more and meet nice people? Become a member in the photo club Knepp!

Level Price  
Membership (for THS members) Free Select
Membership + Lab access SEK 350.00 per Year. Select
Membership + Lab Access (exchange student) SEK 200.00 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.

If you want to participate to our club activities, then select Membership. This is free for THS members (THS is the Student Union at KTH). All you need is to provide us your THS number.

If you want access to the lab (darkroom & digital lab) and further support us, then select the level Membership + Lab Access. The membership in THS is not mandatory but recommended. If you are not member of THS please contact us before.

These memberships are valid for 1 year from the day we receive your payment. If you are at KTH for a shorter period of time, contact our cashier

Free Account

If you are just curious about Knepp, student or not, you can simply register to create a user account on this website. This account is free and does not engage you. You can decide to become an active member later.