This test page is in ENGLISH.

What equipment do you have in the darkroom?

We have two enlargers, one for black and white and one with a color head. Also we have the standard equipment like trays, daylight tanks, thermometers, etc.

We also have the following equipement:

  • Mac Pro with Eizo-screen
  • Film Scanner for 120/medium format: Canon CanoScan 9000F
  • Film Scanner for 135 (24×36) format: Nikon Coolscan V ED
  • A3 printer: Epson Stylus Photo R2400
  • Color calibration probe: Spyder 3 Elite

Wow, a color enlarger! Can you develop color film and slides as well?

Unfortunately not. The process for color and slide film is rather complex and very sensitive to temperature variations.Also, you have to process in large volumes to save money. Thus, only black and white film may be developed.

I have experience with darkroom. Do i still need to attend the introduction course?

Yes, you have to. Every darkroom has it’s own routines and type of chemicals. Since we are quite a number of people sharing the darkroom it is very important that we follow the same routines.

The introductory course is usually just a few hours in a afternoon or evening. Sometimes we hold special courses for people with prior darkroom experience and sometimes for people having no experience so that we have the same level of knowledge in the group.