D76 refill

The container for D76 developer has been refilled. As a reminder – unlike the fixer – this should only be used once. Please dilute it with water in 1:1 proportion (e.g. 150ml D76 + 150ml water for 1 roll) and follow the 1:1 timings for development. 3.8L is in the container so this should last for 25 rolls (135).

Fixer refill and good usage


New fixer has just been prepared. We take the occasion to remind you the FIXER SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AWAY. The amount of available fixer should not lower as it currently does. The fixer can be easily reused for 50 rolls. Note how many rolls you have used on the whiteboard, count +1 for small format, +2 for medium format.

We also want to remind our members that Knepp doesn’t have any personal to clean the room. PLEASE KEEP THE LAB CLEAN! There is a vacuum cleaner and tools to clean the floor. It is the responsibility of every member to leave the lab in a pleasant state. Thank you!

Ink reload

The Epson A3 printer has been reloaded with color ink (2016-05-26). If you notice the ink is running low let us know before it runs out.

Same applies for chemicals 😉




Före vi gÄr pÄ sommarlov och börjar förbereda inför KÄrens Dag sÄ har vi tvÄ events kvar, dels ett pÄ fredag den 20/5  kl18 dÀr vi trÀffas pÄ hyllan i Nymble och diskuterar diverse saker som rör foto och utbyter idéer med varandra.

För de som vill sÄ finns det Àven möjlighet att diskutera fototeknik och bildkvalitet, ta 1-2 bilder var pÄ temat vÄr och skicka in till oss pÄ info@knepp.se senast 23.59 pÄ torsdag sÄ skriver vi ut bilderna och tar med oss dem, alternativt om ni tar med era egna enheter/kameror och visar bilderna. DÄ eventet Àr pÄ Nymble och det Àr fredagspub dÀr sÄ gÀller deras entrépriser, gratis för de som kan visa upp ett giltigt THS-kort och 50kr för övriga.

PÄ söndag den 22/5 sÄ kommer vi ta en tur till Tyresta Nationalpark, som kommer bli kortare Àn vÄran förra tur dit. Vi samlas pÄ gullmarsplan utanför espresso house kl13.50 för att ta buss 807 som gÄr kl14.03.




Before we take a summer brake and start to prepare for Union Day in August we have two more events to announce, first one is on Friday the 20th of May at 6pm where we meet at hyllan in Nymble and discuss everything related to photography and exchange ideas with each other.

For those that want there will also be a possibility to discuss photo technique and image quality, take 1-2 pictures each on the theme spring and send them to us at info@knepp.se before 11.59pm on Thursday and we will print and bring them to the event, or bring your own device/camera and show the photo. As it will be in Nymble and since they will have a pub that evening, their entrance fee are free for those that can show up a valid THS card and 50kr for others.

On Sunday the 22nd of May we will have a photowalk to Tyresta Nationalpark, which will be shorter than the previous time. We gather outside espresso house at gullmarsplan at 1.50pm and take bus 807 which departs 2.03pm.



Kulturhuset 9/5

PÄ mÄndag kommer vi att besöka Kulturhuset för att gÄ pÄ utstÀllnigen in her own hands som innehÄller bilder av Vivian Maier. Vi samlas pÄ plattan kl18. PÄ mÄndagar sÄ Àr det gratis entré för alla. För mera information om utstÀllningen se
SlÄ mig en signal pÄ 073-524443 ifall ni inte hittar oss.

On monday we will visit kulturhuset to walk through the exhibition in her own hands which includes photos by Vivian Maier. We will gather on plattan (sergels torg) at 6pm. It’s free entrance to kulturhuset on mondays. for more info about the exhibition see http://kulturhusetstadsteatern.se/KonstDesign/Evenemang/2016/VIVIAN-MAIER-IN-HER-OWN-HANDS/
Give me a call on 073-5254443 if you cant find us.



Fotoprojekt för THS mottagningar

Jag heter Marcus och driver ett projekt som gÄr ut pÄ att dokumentera alla THS mottagningar. Resultatet ska bli ett snyggt magasin i fÀrg. Det Àr ett projekt utan tidigare like! Just nu letar jag efter fotografer som vill hjÀlpa mig göra detta möjligt. Jag letar efter mÀnniskor som
– Gillar att fota mĂ€nniskor
– Har ett skarpt öga för att fĂ„nga flyktiga ögonblick
– Har ambition och kĂ€nner stolthet över sitt arbete
LÄter det som dig? Skicka ett mejl till magroth@kth.se sÄ tar vi fika och snackar mer. Projektet kommer inkludera planering under sommaren (lÄg stress), fotografering under mottagningsveckorna (hög stress) och efterarbete med typsÀttning och publicering (lagom stress).
Jag ser fram emot att höra av dig!
//Marcus Groth


My name is Marcus, and I have started a project, a kind of photographic documentary, about the traditions and activities that THS has for welcoming new students every year. Then we will publish a magazine with the best photos. Right now I am recruiting photographers who can help me make this come true! I am looking for people who
– Likes to take photos of people
– Are able to catch fleeting, magic moments
– Are ambitious and proud of their art
Are these true for you? Please write to me at magroth@kth.se so we can take a coffee and talk about the details. The project will span over summer (planning, low stress level), late August and September (intense photographing, high stress level) and fall (post production and publishing, medium stress level).
I look forward to your e-mail!
//Marcus Groth


Photo walk

Imorgon lördag kommer vi annordna en photowalk, den hÀr gÄngen blir det i vitabergsparken nÀra medborgarplatsen. Yr.no har utlovat soligt och temperaturer runt 0. Vi möts upp vid medborgarplatsen precis utanför tunnelbaneuppgÄngen kl1Ž3. SlÄ mig en signal pÄ 073-525 4443 ifall ni blir sena eller inte kan hitta oss.



Tomorrow Saturday we will arrange a photowalk, this time we will go to vitabergsparken. Yr.no have said it will be sunny and temperatures around 0! We will meet up at medborgarplatsen, outside the subwayentrance at 1pm. Give me a call on 073-525 4443 if you get late or can’t find us.


KĂ„rens dag VT16

PÄ mÄndag den 1/2 Àr det dags för vÄrens upplaga av KÄrens Dag! Vi kommer att vara i nya matsalen i Nymble tillsammans med ett flertal andra kÄrföreningar mellan kl11 och kl16 sÄ kom förbi och sÀg hej eller stÀll en frÄga om ni undrar över nÄgot!

On monday the 1st of February its time for Student Union day!
We will be in nya matsalen in Nymble together with other student societies. Drop by anytime during the day just to say hi or if you have anything that you are wondering about!

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Annual meeting 2015

The annual meeting for the photo association at KTH will be held the 25/11 starting at 18:00 in the Q-house on campus

At the meeting we’ll discuss the past year, our finances, upcoming events and assign the new board.
If you wish to engage in Knepp, take more responsibility or simply have a suggestion – This is when and where to be!
There’re vacant spots in our board and hopefully one of them is just right for you.

There will be fika at the meeting, please don’t forget to RSVP on our facebookevent below, so that we know how many are coming.

FotomÀssan 2015

Knepp is very happy to announce that we will have an exhibition at FotomÀssan, November 6-8! More info about the fair at http://sthlm.fotomassan.se/.

Do you want to contribute to our exhibition? Our theme of this year is Autumn. Send your favorite pictures (hi-res JPEG) to our eminent president at mattas@kth.se. Please include the titles of your photos and your name in the e-mail and however you wish it to be displayed or not at the fair.

The plan is to order copies (size 30×45 cm with a white border) from crimson.se. Please send us your pictures at latest 30/10 at 12 o’clock, in order for us to order the printings in time! There will be a self cost price of around 40 SEK per printed picture. You will be able to claim the pictures after the exhibition. Please note that you have to be a full paying member of Knepp to be able to participate. You are all very welcome to send in your pictures!

Feel free to send an email if you have any questions!

Many warm hugs and we will meet you soon!
The Board of KNEPP

[Update – Group tickets]
We will make a groupbooking which makes the price of each ticket 120kr. If you want to be part of the groupbooking please send an email to me at mattas@kth.se at latest at 23:59 on thursday the 5th. If you are a paying member of Knepp or if you can send an image which proves that you have paid the membership fee before thursday night the cost for the ticket will be 80kr and for nonpaying members the tickets will cost 120kr. Payment can be done by making a transfer to our PlusGiro 12 96 73-0 or to me either using Swish to 073-5254443 or by paying in cash when you get the ticket on saturday.

The photo association Pictura from Åbo academy in finland will come over for a visit this weekend so if you want to meet up with some of them they will be at FotomĂ€ssan at 10am on saturday and I will also be there at that time. They have invited us to join them on a tour to Fotografiska on sunday afternoon and take a coffee before having a look at the exhibitions in Fotografiska. Please send an email to me at mattas@kth.se so that I know how many will attend Fotografiska on sunday.